Adopting Their Dream

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(Written in April ’99)

Becoming an adoptive parent isn’t as easy as some may think. There are many processes and avenues you could turn down on the path to a child all your own. A prospective parent has some responsibilities to follow before, during, and after the adoption process. The following is the process my mother and father followed when they adopted me.
There are quite a few agencies that you can go through. My parents went through the Catholic and Jewish Adoption Services. First there was an application form to fill out, followed by an in-home interview. In order to be qualified to adopt, both parents have secure jobs. In this case, they were denied because my father held an “insecure” job as a bar manager.
Due to the denial they tried a private attorney, the Child Crisis Center in Maricopa Country, Child Protective Services and the Department of Economic Security Adoption Registry. All of these institutions had similar application processes, such as those of the Catholic and Jewish Adoption Services.
After some defeats and a great win, we found each other. As the adoptive parents, they were required to pay the prenatal and medical care of the mother until the time of the baby’s birth. They were also required to pay attorneys fees, file papers with the State Adoption Agency and with Child Protection Services.
The adopted child’s birth certificate must be changed legally to have the name of the adoptive parents. Although the child has new parents, a new last name and possibly first name, they are still in the preliminary stage of the adoption. For the next year, in-home interviews will be conducted to assure the safety and well-being of the child.
The adoptive parents cannot change their residence to one outside of the state until the adoption is final. Finalization occurs after one year of interviews. It takes a lot of time and money, as well as patience and love to become and adoptive parent. But in the end it is all worth it. You have a beautiful child of your own!
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