We Need to Find Our Voice

 “Our job is to find a voice for our own age.”- Nikki Giovanni

Every generation, every race, every breathing human on this planet needs to have a voice. A voice that tells who they are, what they believe in. What I don’t understand is why so many of our voices are fighting with each other. Black Lives Matter, White Lives Matter, Brown Lives Matter, ALL Lives Matter!

This country doesn’t need separate movements that only serve to segregate us more. We need a Human Lives Matter movement that brings us closer together.

The Super Bowl was this past weekend and the only thing that I see on social media are people arguing about what Beyonce’s intentions were with her half-time show. This has become a symbol of confusion, racism, et cetera within the last few days.


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Now, Beyonce’s camp says that the outfit that she wore was to pay tribute to Michael Jackson…..


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I can see it (even if Beyonce tends to forget to wear pants). But I can also see where others think that the “tribute” was just an excuse to don a militant looking outfit and have a way out if things got too heated.

The blatant Malcolm X symbolism from her dancers kind of makes anything other than “black power” hard to swallow.

The lyrics/video for her new song Formation make it even harder for me to take as a Law Enforcement Spouse.  Before you start hating on me for what I have written here please go and watch it/read the lyrics and then make your decision.
For someone who “doesn’t trust the cops” she sure did count on them to escort her on the day of the Super Bowl….

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