The Bathroom Issue as I See It

I am so tired of hearing about the transgender bathroom issue. Do people not realize that technically we’ve had gender-neutral bathrooms in convenience stores, Target, Walmart, for years?
Most convenience stores have one bathroom with a sign on it for men and women and nobody gets all upset about that. Only reason that this is an issue is because the word transgender is attached to it and closed minded people, uninclusive people can’t get past that.
I understand that people are concerned about predators and everything else but that happens now even with separate bathrooms. And quite frankly the only arguments that I’m seeing or should I say the ones that stand out to me are the ones about men dressing as women using a female restroom. Where are the arguments about women transitioning to men going into the male bathrooms and causing issues? If you are going to tear into one you have to do it to the other. I’m sure they are out there but they’re not in the forefront like these other arguments.
This is just my opinion and if it bothers you and you want to unfriend me on social media then fine. We’ve taught our children what to look for, how to defend themselves, and to not be silent if someone is messing with them. We have taught them that it doesn’t matter if you’re a man, woman, unicorn there are bad people out there. If you are concerned about the safety of yourself, your children, or anybody else that you feel you are responsible for then teach them to protect themselves.
You can’t control what other people do no matter what.
And yes, I have two boys so my viewpoint is based on having boys. Would I be this open-minded if I had two girls? Yes.
Again, this is not a gender identity issue, this is a teach your kids and other loved ones that there are bad people out there, prepare them on how to handle that, and be an attentive parent issue.
I hate to break it to all the people out there that are upset about this but transgender people have been using your bathrooms for years and you’ve been none the wiser. Why? How? Well because a transgendered female looks like a female and a transgender man looks like a man. Because that’s what they are male and female.
There are more important things going on in this world that we could worry about, that we could be up in arms about, that we could change. You can’t change who somebody is.
If people took the energy they put into hating other people because they’re different and turn that energy towards true problems we would all be a little better off.
P.S. By the way I’m bisexual so if that offends you then feel free to remove yourself from my life. I don’t have time for hate.

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  1. I really think that people need to be more kind about this issue. I was prompted to write it after my “accepting” friends started in on it. I can honestly say I’m embarrassed by their behavior.

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