Cooking Adventures – August 1st, 2016

So a while back my husband bought me a cooking software for my Mac. Our goal was to use it more and eat out less. We did good for a bit and then went right back to our old ways. After taking a look at our budget I finally had to do something. That “eating out” piece of the chart was just too big. Every time I make a new recipe I will post it to the blog with some pictures and what I think of it, what my kids think of it, and last but not least what the husband thinks of it. No better time to start than the first of the month so here we go…….
On the menu tonight was the spicy chicken recipe above. I thought that I was cooking for four people but it instead turned out to be two. The tall one wasn’t hungry and the short one will ONLY eat certain foods (so I guess I really only do cook for three usually).

Neil and I both like pineapple, chicken and everything that went into it so I was pretty sure that it would be a hit. I crossed my fingers and got to cooking.

Let me just say that these are the bane of my existence. Onion goggles are looking like a good idea more and more every day.



Okay, I apologize for not getting more “during the process” pictures but I was freaking hungry. It turned out awesome though.
Now for the disclaimers since I never have anything perfect….
I took out the chicken to thaw and it was still somewhat frozen by the time I was ready to cook. That didn’t make a difference. I followed the recipe with half frozen chicken and it turned out just fine. So don’t stress if you run into that issue like I did.
The rice I used was Zataran’s Yellow Rice in the box. I could have started it a little bit earlier since it said 25 minutes cook time but it really takes about 30 or 35 when I cook it inside on the stove. When I do it on the grill it takes the recommended 25 minutes.
My husband and I like different things in our salad so I went with bagged salad from Safeway and then we just top it ourselves with whatever we are into at the moment.
USE CANNED PINEAPPLE! – The recipe says to get a whole one, cut off the skin, core it and then cut into large slices/rings. Yeah no! Buy the cheap canned pineapple at the store, drain it and then grill it. There is no reason on earth that you need to go through all that blood, sweat and tears to get a damn piece of pineapple to put onto of your chicken.
I personally have to suggest Catalina salad dressing. The flavor of it goes nicely with the spicy honey glaze that goes on the chicken.
That’s about it.
See ya next time.
I promise to get more “step by step” pictures for the next one. I’ll even put a post it on the cabinet by the stove just for y’all. 😉

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