Hearables As An Alternative?

Hearables are all the rage these days and many of them have tremendous potential, but can they be used as an alternative to having a hearing aid?

I truly believe that they can be if they are targeted as such. Not just only for those who are hard of hearing but also for those who have conditions such as Misophonia like I do.

I have been diagnosed by an audiologist as having 80% hearing loss in my left ear due to an ear infection that went horribly wrong when I was a teenager as well as Misophonia. Now because of the hearing loss I qualify for one hearing aid via my health insurance. I realize that not everyone would even be entitled to that depending on their insurance and I am truly grateful for having amazing coverage on my policy. BUT what I don’t understand is I have a diagnosis of Misophonia and because there’s not an ICD9 or 10 code for it yet the insurance won’t cover it and purchasing on my own doesn’t seem to be an option. I can’t find any hearing aid company that will sell one retail without an RX. This does me no good.

While I am 100% covered for the one I have two ears that are effected by the disorder. Being able to use it to cope with trigger sounds in one ear does nothing but amplify it in the other ear.
Being frustrated with this I started searching for alternatives and stumbled upon hearables like the Bragi Dash, Here One and Nuheara. All show potential as being something that could help numerous people who have been disappointed with traditional routes of treatment.
So, where does that leave me and what exact y is the point of this post. Well, just spreading knowledge about my experience. Since the medical community leaves us to our own devices on this issue my plan is to purchase Bragi Dash hearables when I can and see if they are something that can be used to make everyday life easier. The price is steep and the fact that my husband has already shelled out money for Beats Studio Wireless 2.0 in the last six months makes it a hard sell in my house.

On the other hand, they are available locally at Sam’s Club so taking them back if they don’t work won’t be such a chore. The Dash are amazing and I use them every day. So the perk was that I didn’t have to return anything, which I hate doing. (If anyone from any hearables company ends up reading this just know that you have a willing and ready tester who would love to put them through their paces in regards to helping those with Misophonia).

I will be following up on this once I purchase the Dash. Stay tuned.


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