Today my husband came home to find that my car had been broken into. He came in and asked me to go and see if anything was missing. I gathered my wits about me and trudged out to the car.
Indeed someone had been in it as the console cover had been thrown in the backseat (it was already broken so at least they didn’t do that). I looked into the console and the first thing I noticed is that a Bible that I kept in my car at all times was gone. Whoever had been in there also took a caterpillar that my youngest made me in kindergarten that I kept in there and a pair of sunglasses.
I am not only upset and depressed about losing the sentimental items but angry, angry that someone felt the need to help themselves to my stuff. There was no money in my car. They could have just left. But no, they felt the need to take something that meant something to me emotionally.
I kept that Bible in my car because my grandmother asked me to. She always had one with her and it was one of hers.
I know the anger and depression will fade and life will go on. I just don’t know when. For now I’m just sad.

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