Keeping It Separate or Mixing It Up

I’ve been doing quite a bit of “research” lately (mostly blog reading) and I’m now more confused than ever when it comes to keeping my writing and personal endeavors together or separate. Some have two completely different domains for personal and professional and some have it all mixed in together. These findings did not help me make up my mind on what I should do.

Since the beginning of this whole blog thing I have always wanted however many readers I have to feel like I was an open book, and should they feel compelled to I wanted them to feel like they could comment on or ask me anything. That is still the case. But….. I am now facing a delima; keep it together or separate the content?

I’m leaning towards one domain and linking to my more adult features content. I have found that I’m good at and enjoy writing erotica. Some may want to keep that a secret if they write it and I understand that. For those who know me personally they know I wear that like a badge. I’m proud to be a writer and proud of what I write. The flip side of that coin is it’s not all I write. I would hate to turn off potential readers who aren’t exactly prepared to go from poetry to literary porn.

So I’m humbly asking those who see this post what you think. Would you rather read things separately or together? Do you care? Lol.

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