To boldly go…

Another year, another set of New Year’s goals. Every year I set myself down in front of my laptop or iPad and jot down a few resolutions that I swear I’m going to follow in the upcoming year. Every year I follow them for about a week and then they slowly go by the wayside as life happens.

So, this New Year’s I have only two goals that I know I can stick to and quite honestly I have already started working on.

  • Write more.

  • Bring happiness to others

(even if it’s something super small)

I recently sold an item on Poshmark and as always I checked out the profile of the person that I sold to before I messaged them that I would be shipping on Monday. The person who purchased my item has her profile picture set to her and her puppy; a beautiful Pit (we all know that I am partial to pit’s). It gives me an opportunity to start doing something small yet unexpected. In her package I am including a small bag of treats for her dog.

No, I don’t have to and the puppy may not like what I send, but it’s important to me that she knows that someone out there noticed her and her fur baby. In the current climate of our country it’s going to be the little things that make people smile and know that they aren’t alone out there. Kindness can go a long way if we all just decide to be nice to one another.

As for the writing more…

I’m headed in the right direction for that one already. Writing for me is cathartic and since I decided to write full time (with the support of a very loving and understanding husband and family) I have been happier, which in turn makes them happier. I finally decided to do something for me which I haven’t done in a very very long time. It’s an amazing feeling when someone asks you what you do and you can proudly say, “I’m an author.”

So here’s to you and your New Year’s resolutions. Wishing you success and love in all that you do in the upcoming year. Make 2017 a year that YOU can be proud of.

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