Missing My Grandmother

Grandma was a loving and devoted wife of sixty-one years, a mother, sister, grandmother, great-grandmother, aunt and friend.

She loved to sit at the kitchen table in the morning with her cup of black coffee, her crossword puzzle and that erasable ink pen (just in case) and her cigarettes. She loved to watch her soaps at lunch time while she balanced her checkbook, or chatted with Papa about friends and family, the news, or something as simple as the bird sitting on the cactus outside the window. Her dolls and bears were her favorite treasures and chocolate was her favorite sweet.

Grandma was a very spiritual woman. When getting around was a bit easier for herself and Papa we would go to church every Sunday and then to the Big Apple for lunch. It was things like that which made her special. She made time for everyone else and very little for herself. She was always shopping for some type of card, or present for a birthday, anniversary or special event. Even in her last days on earth, while under sedation and in and out of moments of clarity while in the hospital; she spoke up out of the blue on January 23rd and said, “Today is my grandson-in-law Neil’s birthday, did I buy him a present?” She always remembered those that she loved, no matter what. Christmas time was always interesting, due to the face that grandma alone sent about 100 cards. It was that generous and loving spirit that made her so special to all that came in contact with her.

She taught me what it was to be loving, yet firm and serious, but to be able to still laugh at yourself. She was always there to lift me up and catch me when I fell. But most importantly in my heart, is that she was always there for my mother; to nurture and support her. To raise and guide her through her life, to make her the wonderful woman that she is now and I know that my mom is grandma’s most wonderful achievement in life. Grandma used to tell me that when I became a mother, I would understand the love between a mother and a child. She was right and I hope that we can all find peace in that she now has the love between her Father and his child.

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