January 26, 2017

Okay, I have to start out this post by saying that I’m 26 days late on the “I swear that I’m going to do a blog post a day” resolution. With that being said, we’re just going to pretend that it’s the first day of a new year and I intend to just keep on trucking like nothing ever happened. 😉 Now, back to your regularly scheduled programing.

Today’s topic is….

What role does music play in your life?

This is a hard topic for me to write about and an easy one at the same time. Music is EVERYTHING! How do you explain everything? How do you explain your very essence?

Some people connect with their emotions verbally, some keep them bottled up, some wear their heart on their sleeve. I prefer to express almost everything that I feel deeply with music. Most (probably all) of my memories if I really think about it have a theme song attached to them. The one below is my favorite.

First date with my husband, the song playing in the truck when I got in was Love of a Lifetime by Firehouse. The song that later on my husband turned to me and simply said, “This is our song.” (I knew it from the first time it played but never said anything to him about it). The fact that he chose that song let me know that we truly were connected.

So, I guess what music means to me, the role it plays is feeling, memories, emotion.

What does it mean to you?



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