February 1, 2017

Since my blog post yesterday was my rant about CO’s I missed my dated post. So again, two posts tonight. Here’s the first 🙂

Today’s writing challenge…

A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

If that genie showed up and let me have anything I wanted in my writing room I would probably die of happiness. When we first moved in, I had an office. I loved it. The previous owner of the house had a room with camo wallpaper, and there was something about it that I absolutely loved. (We still have the wallpaper up, though it is now my oldest son’s room). I couldn’t take the fighting any longer so we separated our two teenage kids for some peace of mind. 😉

I do miss that office though. I could shut the door and turn on my music while I wrote. Ah, the good old days. Now I write in our room, in the kitchen, living room on the couch, in the bathroom (yup bathroom). I hide in there with my iPad and reliable writing software via mobile app for some peace and quiet.

Any who, back to what I would want if I had my own awesome genie.

Yellow, black, gray, and white would be the color scheme (subject to change if I can find a pretty pink or purple). Yellow accents, a black and white abstract wallpaper of some sort and a beautiful white or gray desk. I have had the picture below for quite a while, and it gives a good idea of what I’m thinking of.

I’d have the carpet ripped out and hardwood floors put in. I like the ash color hardwood floors, kind of like a gray color.

And last but not least the chair for reading.

Layla Grace likes to sit with me when I read. I love having her sit with me, but we fight over the space and at times it can be a bit uncomfortable. A chaise lounge like this one would allow that spoiled little girl to cuddle with me comfortably.

If my genie is lurking and reading this post I have one thing to tell him. POTTERY BARN! 🙂

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