February 5, 2017


“Let’s go to dinner. How does Chilli’s sound?”

Those are the words that were spoken as we got ready to go the night my husband proposed. A night that I knew was coming but didn’t even clue in on what he was trying to do that evening. The night that my life forever changed.
I’m telling the backstory on what happened that evening so those who read the blog will know it before my next post (you gotta know how he proposed or you might think I’m nuts).

We headed out to eat at Chilli’s (I have a thing for their molten lava cake and he knows it). There was a wait and so Neil went to ask how long it was, or at least that’s what I thought that he was doing. He came back and told me the wait was about 15 minutes, which was fine, and then asked if I wanted to run to the restroom before we were seated. I said no and that was the end of it kind of. Neil asked again about two minutes later if I had to pee. I for the life of me couldn’t figure out why he kept asking me that. I HATE public bathrooms and he knows it. I said no again and he gave me a look that if I had been paying attention I would have noticed was one of frustration. He eventually looked at me and said that he had to use the restroom and that he would be right back. If they came to seat us then that would be fine. He also let me know that if a table opened up in the bar he was okay with that as well.

While he was gone a table did indeed open up in the bar so I grabbed it before anyone else could. He was starting to be gone longer than usual and I was wondering what the hell he was doing when he came around the corner and sat down. (Now, in my head I was wondering what the hell could have taken so long but I wasn’t about to go into detail with him on what he was doing in the bathroom).
We ordered, had dinner, and then he asked if I was up for cake. Am I up for cake? Uh, yeah. So we ordered our dessert and started chatting. The dessert came out and I wasn’t paying attention to him as I was looking at the waitress and other patrons in the bar. As the waitress got closer I noticed something sticking up out at the top of the cake. I did not have my glasses on and she was practically at our table and sitting in my lap before I realized what it was. When I figured out what was going on, I turned to look at Neil who was on one knee (as much as you could when sitting at a high top table) holding his hand out to hold mine.
It was surreal. Of course, I started bawling. He patiently waited for me to calm down and then asked, “Will you marry me?” The rest is history. We have been together 15 years and married 14 this November. He really is the love of my life. We have both been married before and I am so glad that circumstances allowed us to find each other when we did.



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