Far From Normal

Some think I am boring.

here’s a yawning seal just because

Some think I am bold by following my dreams.
just like I like my coffee

Some think I am downright nuts for doing what I do (writing) and doing online school with my youngest.

a squirrel, because nuts

You know what I say to them? Mind your own damn business!
No matter who you talk to, no matter what their opinion of me and my family, it will differ from the next person who has an opinion. There’s an old saying, “Those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter”. That is how I feel about someone who thinks I am far from normal.
My family according to most is a typical all-American family with 3.5 kids, a dog, own their own home, loves football, and all that jazz. For the most part we are. But, there are things that people don’t realize about us that many consider not normal.
We are a law enforcement family. There is Autism in our family. There is adoption in our family of both human and fur baby origin. These things to many are not considered normal.
We by no means live the high life. We aren’t rich when it comes to money (we are just like everybody else that lives paycheck to paycheck). However, we are rich when it comes to our love for each other and the experiences that we have on a daily basis.
We are thankful every day that we were given another day here with the ones we love. My kids spend time with friends almost every day building relationships that hopefully will last them a lifetime. My husband goes to work every day at a high-stress job so that he can provide for his family and I thank my lucky stars every single time he walks through that door at the end of a shift; unharmed and with us for another day. There are many law enforcement families that unfortunately can’t say that about some of their loved ones.

To end this post I would like to leave you with a list of six things about myself. Six things that mean that I am “far from normal”.
1. I have Misophonia.
2. I’m adopted.
3. Clowns are the devil. But not scary clowns like in the movie IT. The happy-go-lucky little kid birthday party clowns and that psycho from McDonald’s are the ones that freak me out.
4. My son has an IQ of 170 and mine is 210.
5. My youngest son is on the spectrum with Asperger’s.
6. I have an unhealthy addiction to coffee and Evernote.


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