Evernote and Real Estate

I have a few friends in the real-estate/mortgage business who are always super busy. Some have great systems in place and some don’t. Both types amaze me with their dedication and hustle. Their work/home life balance is on point and they know what they want and they go for it.
Still, with all that said I always wonder how they could make that better. What could they use that would make their day less stressful?
My answer is Evernote and Templates.
Now, anyone who knows me even a little knows that I am having a “love affair” with Evernote. I’m in awe of how it has helped me personally and like anyone who has ever been in love I can’t gush enough about it. Once I discovered templates (years ago) that was it. I was done for.
Now, to be fair Evernote will not be for everyone and they are not the only solution out there. I personally have tried tons of the “Evernote Killers”, yet I always come back home to the clean and welcoming interface that Evernote provides. Call me crazy, but the minimalist look and ability to integrate with other apps that I use daily is something that I have become dependent on.
So, how can Evernote help you if you are in the real-estate field? There are a ton of ways, but the one I would like to mention in particular is again, templates.
Every agent has a system for keeping track of leads, properties, partner agents, mortgage brokers, et cetera. Many keep digital copies of forms but they tend to be absolutely everywhere on said agent’s hard drive. No rhyme or reason. Essentially beautiful chaos, but even when beautiful it’s still chaos.
This is where the “Remember Everything” from Evernote comes into play. Notebooks for each client and tags for each stage in the process. A main templates folder and you are never without that form you need.
The image below is part of a customizable list from a template in Evernote. An essential checklist that all agents can use in their daily lives.

Imagine having all the checklists, forms, property information the you need in one central spot. A spot that can be accessed via your mobile devices as well as your computer either with a desktop app or through a web interface.
That is what Evernote is for me as an Author and a Certified Consultant, and can be for you. I’d love to share my tips and tricks with anyone who is interested. Maybe some will work for you.
Sayre Ambrosio

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