Originally posted January 2009 on my former blog. 
Yesterday was an interesting day. I spent most of the day reflecting on Friday. Friday evening my family went out to eat with some relatives from out of town. My grandmothers brother, his wife and daughter came in from Idaho. It was a short visit but long enough to make me think.
It made me think about my grandparents, my parents, myself and my husband and last but not least my children. The thoughts about my grandparents were light-hearted and fond memories about how stubborn they were in the last years of their lives. How similar my grandmother and her brother were in some aspects of their personalities. Most of all how much fight my grandparents both had.
Seeing my mom and dad sitting next to our relatives made me realize how long true love really lasts. What it must be like to wake every morning to the same person over so many years. Through all the good times and bad, loving words and arguments; births and deaths and yet still have the same feelings for the same person. I saw the love in both couples eyes and I couldn’t help but smile.
My husband couldn’t be with us that night due to work; but while I sat there looking at my children I was thinking of him and the sacrifices that he has to make for our family. I thought back to when we met and how I felt when I met him. The beginning of our relationship when I first realized that I loved him and wanted to be with him for the rest of my life. I pictured us 10 years down the road and then 20 years. I can only pray that we will be as lucky as my grandparents, parents and the rest of my relatives that have had such long and happy marriages.
I then looked to my children who are both very young and both have informed me “are not interested in girls yet MOM” lol. I pray with all my heart that when they fall in love they are blessed with the love that has been bestowed on our family for generations.
Sometimes you just find yourself wandering. Wandering in circles, from room to room. In and out of attention while talking to someone.
You try to concentrate. Try to focus. But your mind and body just can’t connect.

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