Sock It To Me

Jens Johnsson / Pexels

The following is the start of a short story that I was writing the other day. There was alcohol, a blog prompt, and boredom involved in its conception. 😉

This is the story of a missing sock. A sock that was left behind. A sock that was alone, scared, and confused.

The day started out simple enough. Woman was gathering all the different members of the family to go for a whirl in the big white barrel of fun. It was always a good time when it was barrel day. The first one was where they got to swim and mingle. The second one was where they got to hang out and dry out from swimming while going round and round in the indoor coaster thing. A good time was always had by all…. usually.

Today would be different though. Woman was in a rush and wasn’t paying attention to what she was doing it seemed. Sock watched her round up all the rebels that lived in the boys room, or as he liked to call it, “the cave of no return”. He tried to hang out there once and instantly regretted it. The tall one and the short one that lived in there had some serious commitment issues when it came to cleaning and he kept tripping over stuff. It was not fun. Not fun at all.

I don’t know if I’ll be adding more or if this will be it. I thought it was cute though and wanted to share.

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