Million-Dollar Question – Why I Blog

I have ben asked many times why I blog. Putting things out there for others to read, being honest and at times just rambling. Some want to know how they can start a blog, and others still don’t get it. That’s okay, blogging is not for everyone.
So why do I blog?
I blog because I can, because I need to get things out of my head and I like to share with people. Do I think that I am going to get rich blogging? No. Would that be nice? Of course. Everyone wants to be financially comfortable when doing what they love. Getting paid to blog would part of that dream for me. The other half of that dream would be to continue my writing and for the sales to go up. (This one I am managing to bring to fruition, however slow the income may be)
I blog because I have something to say about Misophonia, Asperger’s, the state of our nation, the state of Corrections in this country and how the Officers are treated. I blog because I want to show support for my son who is going into the military. I blog because well I need to get information about my books out there. I guess there are times where I blog because I have to get something off my chest or tell a stupid story and I know that nobody in my physical/real life is patient enough to hear it or they have heart it before.
I blog because I believe in freedom of speech (that is also why I read other bloggers stuff and share it even if I don’t agree with it).
So that is why I blog.

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