Take everything that you ever learned from people about yourself, everything you think that they taught you about you and unlearn it. Don’t let them tell you who you are. That is for you to figure out with no hindrances from outsiders looking in.
Do not let “societal norms” dictate your happiness. If you want to wear something wear it. If you want to say something say it. If you want to be something be it.
Do not let the Trumps of this world dim your light or even worse blow it out.
The only way that we are going to have a better future for ourselves and generations going forward is to fight for it.
One day we’ll ALL realize that we are fighting for the same thing and that ALL lives matter.
One day we’ll realize that Human Lives Matter is the fight we should be fighting.
That we need to build each other up and not tear our histories down, pick them apart and throw them at each other while using them as reasons that we can’t get along.
All races, all sexes, all orientations need to wake up and realize that in some way we are all fighting the same fight, the same battles and that we would be much more productive working together than against each other.

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