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Blog Prompt: Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

Oh lord, my life without a computer. What would my life look like without a computer? Well, quite frankly it would be bleak, very bleak. I started using computers in Kindergarten. I was six years old. I’m 36 now. So 30 years of having technology in my life has me conditioned. Apple and their products came into my life when the 4s was released. Ever since then it’s been downhill from there (in a good way I think).

I used Windows machines for the majority of the time, although my very first computer at home was an Apple. It was small, had a dot matrix printer, and I LOVED IT!

I remember playing Where in the World is Carmen San Diego in grade school and Oregon Trail. Two of the most awesome games at the time. My kids and others these days would look at them and wonder what the hell they were looking at. I personally would love to have a version that I could play on my MBP or Windows machine just for the sheer nostalgia of it.

Over the years I have fallen further in love with technology. From AOL chat rooms, to my Nokia candy bar cell phone (with the removable faceplate of course), to now my 2015 MPB and other related Apple products (iPad Pro 9.7, Late-2011 MBP, iPad mini, Apple Watch Series 2 Nike + Edition, and my iPhone 7 +); it drew me in, grabbed hold and hasn’t let go.

If tomorrow I woke up to no computer/technology, as much as I want to say I would be fine, I think I would probably curl up in a ball and cry. I don’t think that I would die, but I definitely would curl up in a ball and cry. (Do not tell my husband I said this. I can’t let him know that he was right).

When you get down to brass tax, it’s kind of scary how much everyone depends on technology these days. From simple conversations to complex medical imaging, computers are everywhere. They assist us in almost all we do day in and day out. Without them the world (in my opinion) would be back in the Stone Age. People don’t know how to talk to each other anymore. Many — my self included — would rather send a text than talk on the phone. We no longer have to figure out what the amount is for a 15% tip when we are out because we have a calculator on our phone/device. We no longer have to read a map because we have an app for that. (This one is a necessity for me. I am horrible with directions.)

So my life without a computer? It’s not one that I want to think about at the moment. My long-distance friends, family, haters, and I would have no way to communicate in real-time. That would kill me. Yes, even the haters. While we don’t communicate, the simple fact that they are so interested in what I have going on in my life and take the time to make it a point they “hate” what I have and/or do is an endless source of giggle fits on the daily.

Could you function without a computer/technology in your daily life? If you can….. maybe you can teach me how. 😉

#Stay Saucy,

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