Until You Dear Blackberry

A Poem

The moment you came into my life and took over my heart dear Blackberry,
I knew that my world would never be unorganized again,
I would never be late or shed a tear over a missed picture opportunity;
And I knew that the emptiness in my life was over.
You show me a never-ending dedication and I thank you.
Whenever we’re walking and “holding hands”
I see the looks of people who don’t understand.
Until you, life was so confusing and out of sorts,
My Dr’s appointments were mixed up with my children’s sports.
I forgot to check my email, text messages and to-do’s;
Now I have a have an organized household, calendar, even a “honey do”.
You have prevented disasters and recorded events,
Even proven my point when I wasn’t making sense.
Until you dear Blackberry I didn’t know what to do;
I have now found paperless freedom because of you.
Written February 15, 2009
© Cydni “Sayre” Ambrosio 2009
As cheesy as this poem is, I’m glad that I came across it tonight when I was going through some files. The time I had my Blackberry was a good one. It started my love for app/theme building and I also met some pretty amazing people that I am still friends with today through forums.

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