Dream Home

If I won a contest to build my dream home it would be amazing. But… my dream home isn’t like most people’s. My dream home is a historical and preferably haunted home. Very similar to the one in the picture below. (Cannot confirm that the home in the picture is indeed haunted, but it sure looks like it could be)

Being able to learn the history behind a home like that is something that intrigues me. Why was the home left in such a state? Where did the people go? What happened to them? Who or what still lives there? All things that most people find creepy, but I find exhilarating.

Being able to bring a home back from a horrible state of disrepair sounds like such an adventure. (We’re going to assume that I would enjoy the entire process, unlike a traditional home reno which is a pain in the ass). Finding treasures in the walls, floors, hidden spaces. I probably watch too many movies where amazing treasures are found in old homes, but I still think it would be amazing to renovate a home that has seen better days.

With all that being said, there is an old home in Florence, AZ that used to be a medical office and residence. This particular home has been on the market FOREVER! What I wouldn’t do to be able to see the inside of that home. I keep telling my husband that if we ever win the lottery I want to buy that property. It’s in Old Town Florence and very close to the main drag of the town.

If you would like to see pictures of the inside of the home check out the Trulia listing linked below.

Huffman House Trulia Listing

What does your dream home look like? Could you live in a house that was haunted? If your dream home is historic, would you keep it true to history or would you modernize an old home?

I would love to see pictures in the comments.



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