The Audiobook Process

If you follow the blog on a regular basis you have seen the very short post I put up the other day about Jaded being brought to audiobook format. It’s a super short announcement, but you can find it here.

As for this post, I wanted to write a little bit about the process so far. So here we go…

I recently decided to have Jaded put into audiobook format. I started researching how to do just that and I freaked myself out. I started by looking up narrators who would read erotica. I had seen posts on Twitter about who did what and checked some of them out. Their work was amazing. It was also expensive. So then I did a Google search for inexpensive audiobook production and just wasn’t happy with what I found. Until I came across ACX stands for Audiobook Creation Exchange and is a subsidiary of Amazon. Once I found that site I knew that even if just for now, it was going to be the route I took for audiobooks until I had the budget to do something else.

Why did I decide to go with ACX? Royalty Sharing. One of the features available to authors and producers is royalty sharing. If a match is made, the two parties agree to split whatever royalties are earned after any fee/cut that ACX gets. I went through the steps and within 24 hours had a few auditions to review and an offer from an erotica narrator that I have bookmarked for future reference when I can afford to pay a flat/hourly rate for narration.

Rather than make this post a novel with screen shots and step by step instructions, if you are interested in how the process works in detail you can find out through the link below.

How ACX works

In a nutshell, you claim your book via their search, create a profile, find a producer, review any auditions you get, make a deal, get the narration started, approval final product, distribute, promote and collect royalties. (This is if you are an author that does not do narration.) The link above has different sections depending on your situation.

Jaded is currently in the production stage. I started by following the steps listed above. I claimed my book, which was super easy to do. I created a profile as an author looking for narrators, and I waited for auditions to come in for review. I ended up going with the first out of the ones that I reviewed. A team that captured the essence of the book in my opinion in the short sample that they read. Now I wait. When you find the narrator you are going to use you will send them an offer. In that offer you have the ability to set the dates of the project. If they are agreeable to the narrator/producer and they accept you send them the complete manuscript and wait for the deadlines that you have set.

The process has been smooth sailing so far (knock on wood) and a pleasant experience. I’ll be updating as we go along through the rest of the steps.

Until then Stay Saucy,


PS. If you have any questions about ACX please feel free to shoot me a message via my contact page or add them in the comments.

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