Hometown Haunt

I live in a small town called Florence, AZ. We are very close to another unincorporated town called San Tan Valley and many of the places that we frequent are in San Tan. Today is an “errand” day. We had to drop off a car that we sold to the buyer and decided to go eat afterwards, so off to San Tan we went.

There is a small hole in the wall place called Just Breakfast that is a hidden gem. One of my favorite things to eat when my grandmother was still alive was biscuits and gravy. Just Breakfast has THE BEST biscuits and gravy I have had besides my grandmothers. The serving sizes are generous, the atmosphere is fantastic, and the waitress that we get every time we go in is a doll. She always remembers that my husband is law enforcement as well (there’s a discount).

If you are able to request your waitress, ask for Jayme! She is AWESOME SAUCE!

I usually have my iPad with me and today is no different. I love the fact that I can sit and eat while writing. No judgment, no looking at me like I’m crazy for being involved in what I am doing. I can take in the music playing, and people watch.

Today my husband is with me, and he had the Eggs Benedict.

I had, you guessed it, biscuits and gravy!

If you are ever in San Tan check them out. Great food, great people, great experience.

Check out their Facebook page HERE.

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