I follow Jeff Bulas (click his name to check out his bio) and enjoy reading the posts that he writes and shares on his site. I found this one particularly interesting and wanted to share. You can find the post on his site by clicking the link below. 7 Deadly Sins of Blog Post Writing – Written by Janice Kersh If you see this image you have navigated to the right post. Image SourceRead More →

Have you ever formed an opinion on something and with time completely changed your mind? I know I have. Multiple times actually. I’ll be the first to admit that I sometimes jump to conclusions and form opinions without giving the subject the attention that it deserves before doing so. I like to think that as I get older and wiser I can learn from the past, others, and allow myself to change my mind. That’s not as easy as it sounds come to find out. BUT it can be done. Those that know me are aware that I have moved recently (just over a yearRead More →