Today’s writing prompt is… All about youExplain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you. While my website is, the actual blog title is Miso Called Life. It came about due to the Misophonia diagnosis last year. A play on words that made me giggle when I thought about what I was dealing with, what I am still dealing with; living with Misophonia. That’s pretty much it when it comes to the meaning behind the blog title. It doesn’t go deeper than that. There’s no super hidden meaning that only I understand. I hope that it makes people wonder andRead More →

I’ve been looking at different writing/blogging challenges and found this one to be interesting. Pick an every day item. Describe what your life is like without the item (before) and then describe what your life is like with the item (after). Is it a useful item? Describe why. I knew immediately that I had to write about noise cancelling headphones/earbuds. My precious, precious headphones and earbuds. Why did I choose this item? I chose headphones/earbuds because life was miserable without them. No I’m not exagerating. If you haven’t seen previous posts on the blog or know me personally let me explain what I mean byRead More →

When you’re in a crowded restaurant and they seat somebody right next to you….. My heart started pounding, my palms started sweating, and panic started to kick in. Then I looked over and saw the man sitting next to me. He had headphones in his hand and was just getting ready to put them on. We exchanged a knowing look and a smile. MY PEOPLE! I don’t know if he had Miso but I do know that this man accepted me sitting in a crowded place with big bulky headphones on so I could tune out the world. His smile went a long way. MostRead More →