In 2008 I printed this quote out and taped to my sons wall where he could see it and look at it everyday when he woke up and everyday before he went to bed. As he nears the age of 17 and starts to think about what he wants to do after high school I think he needs to see it again. So many things going on in this world today. He is an awesome young man but it never hurts to have a little motivation to look at. “I am responsible for my own well-being, my own happiness. The choices and decisions I makeRead More →

 “Our job is to find a voice for our own age.”- Nikki Giovanni Every generation, every race, every breathing human on this planet needs to have a voice. A voice that tells who they are, what they believe in. What I don’t understand is why so many of our voices are fighting with each other. Black Lives Matter, White Lives Matter, Brown Lives Matter, ALL Lives Matter! This country doesn’t need separate movements that only serve to segregate us more. We need a Human Lives Matter movement that brings us closer together. The Super Bowl was this past weekend and the only thing that I seeRead More →

“It’s important when you are creating something, that material is sacred. It’s between you and the page. Nobody else should be there in the room in your head. It’s just you saying what you need to say. After that’s done, then you need to make the decision about whether or not you want to let this be so public after all.”   – Elizabeth BergRead More →

“I think there is a choice possible to us at any moment, as long as we live. But there is no sacrifice. There is a choice, and the rest falls away. Second choice does not exist. Beware of those who talk about sacrifice.” – Muriel RukeyserRead More →