(written for an English class back in 2004) © Cydni Ambrosio Being given the opportunity to be part of an elite unit in Law Enforcement is a proud moment for an officer. They take that step from being a line officer to becoming a part of “The Team.” Their family also takes that step. Being the spouse of a Tactical Support Unit Officer in a correctional facility brings with it a sense of pride as well as an ever-present sense of caution. Our husbands and wives are called in to handle the worst of the worst. Riots, fights, inmate assaults; and all within the confinesRead More →

*work is copyrighted* (Written in April ’99) Becoming an adoptive parent isn’t as easy as some may think. There are many processes and avenues you could turn down on the path to a child all your own. A prospective parent has some responsibilities to follow before, during, and after the adoption process. The following is the process my mother and father followed when they adopted me. There are quite a few agencies that you can go through. My parents went through the Catholic and Jewish Adoption Services. First there was an application form to fill out, followed by an in-home interview. In order to beRead More →