Love writing, hate making the hard decisions. It’s driving me crazy. Jaded hasn’t quite been on Smashwords for a month yet (also on Amazon). I chose Smashwords initially because it took care of publishing everything for me to other platforms; iBooks, Kobo, et cetera. Now, while I love Smashwords and for me it was super easy to get my book in their Premium catalog which is required for distribution to other channels, Im not sure if I want to stick with them or go Kindle Select with Jaded. I have quite a few friends who use iBooks only when it comes to ebooks and IRead More →

She grew up in the church. Followed the practices and played into the role that she was told she was to play. When she started to question things her church family turned on her. She was no longer welcome. She was a cast out Christian. Check it out in TalehuntRead More →

I love you. You feed my family when I have spent all day hashing out characters and neglecting my duties. You keep my youngest happy even with his ultimate pickiness in regards to food. You also keep my fur baby Layla up to her eyeballs in pizza crusts which may give her a bit of a butt, but she’s happy as a clam. You also feed my need for calorie laden french fries drenched in ranch dressing, covered in cheese and topped with bacon. I am aware that is awesome and there is nothing else like it in the world So dear pizza man, IRead More →

For years I have been saying that I was going to start writing and actually publish something other than poetry. Well, looks like that time has come. NaNoWriMo has inspired me to live my passion and not just talk about it. Starting small but I started. After another round of editing and making sure that all the guidelines are on point Ill be publishing a short erotica story. I had a blast writing it and have more in the fire. Maybe there is something to this whole follow your dreams and passions thing. Even with some crappy events taking place this week I am theRead More →

Camp starts tomorrow and I am super excited about it. I had such an awesome time in April and July should be just as awesome. 👍 If you write and haven’t attended camp yet I highly suggest it. There is no cost but they do welcome donations to keep the program running. It’s an amazing experience that everyone should go through at least once in their life. During April and July you can set your own word count and get in some much needed practice for November. The count in November is set at 50,000 words in a month. I hope to see new facesRead More →