Who is the one person you hope isn’t reading your blog? Why? When it comes to those who read my blog I have nothing to hide. I welcome everyone who would like to read it. Seeing the view counts does make me smile when they are higher than normal. But that is not why I blog. I do it to have somewhere to share what’s in my head. I love that my readers have joined me on this journey and I welcome reader of all kinds. ❤️❤️❤️Read More →

Originally posted January 2009 on my former blog.  Yesterday was an interesting day. I spent most of the day reflecting on Friday. Friday evening my family went out to eat with some relatives from out of town. My grandmothers brother, his wife and daughter came in from Idaho. It was a short visit but long enough to make me think. It made me think about my grandparents, my parents, myself and my husband and last but not least my children. The thoughts about my grandparents were light-hearted and fond memories about how stubborn they were in the last years of their lives. How similar myRead More →

THE PROPOSAL “Let’s go to dinner. How does Chilli’s sound?” Those are the words that were spoken as we got ready to go the night my husband proposed. A night that I knew was coming but didn’t even clue in on what he was trying to do that evening. The night that my life forever changed. I’m telling the backstory on what happened that evening so those who read the blog will know it before my next post (you gotta know how he proposed or you might think I’m nuts). We headed out to eat at Chilli’s (I have a thing for their molten lava cakeRead More →

I love you. You feed my family when I have spent all day hashing out characters and neglecting my duties. You keep my youngest happy even with his ultimate pickiness in regards to food. You also keep my fur baby Layla up to her eyeballs in pizza crusts which may give her a bit of a butt, but she’s happy as a clam. You also feed my need for calorie laden french fries drenched in ranch dressing, covered in cheese and topped with bacon. I am aware that is awesome and there is nothing else like it in the world So dear pizza man, IRead More →