THE PROPOSAL “Let’s go to dinner. How does Chilli’s sound?” Those are the words that were spoken as we got ready to go the night my husband proposed. A night that I knew was coming but didn’t even clue in on what he was trying to do that evening. The night that my life forever changed. I’m telling the backstory on what happened that evening so those who read the blog will know it before my next post (you gotta know how he proposed or you might think I’m nuts). We headed out to eat at Chilli’s (I have a thing for their molten lava cakeRead More →

Today was our weekly bunch date for my husband and I. Generally we go into Coolidge and eat at Tag’s Cafe (which has some super happy memories for me) and that is where we went today. We have been here for about three years and have eaten there once a week for the most part. Until today I never asked the owner if she knew my family. That changed today. Come to find out her and her  husband do know my relatives who have a farm down here. To some that is boring and “who cares” information. To me that’s awesome. I have been tryingRead More →