Far From Home

In high school I was able to travel to Australia for a school trip to sing the national anthem for the U.S. and Australia. It was the farthest I have traveled and the most amazing trip ever.

Our high school football team and cheerleaders were going to be part of a larger team that was going over to play again the high school teams there. Initially our marching band was supposed to go, but I was the only one who raised enough money. When I found that out I thought that my trip wasn’t going to happen. Somehow or another I ended up being able to go and sing for all the games. I also got to cheer which didn’t please some of the cheerleaders to say the least. (I thought it was kind of funny how pissed off some of them got.

The trip was amazing. We stayed with home stay families, got to experience what it’s like to go to school in Australia — which is way different than it is in the U.S. Or at least it was at that time. The interaction between teachers and students was more one on one and the students were more engaged than they were at our school.

When we weren’t with the other students were were able to go on outings with our homestay families. Mine took me to the Australian version of Disney Land and we had a blast. There were other outings during the trip, but that is the most memorable for me.

During that trip I was able to visit Hawaii, New Zealand, and Australia. Three places that I would love to visit again. Retrace my steps from that trip and see how things have changed over the years. It was beautiful and the people were amazing.

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