The Impossible

Have you ever tried to get a point across and the person on the other end just wasn’t getting it? It seems like you are just spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere?

That was me last night trying to explain the science of having a successful YouTube channel and blog to my husband. The ability to understand that it takes years for most to gain a full-time income from those two things just wasn’t there during our conversation.

I started out with the simple things (or at least what I thought was simple) like SEO, page views, hits on videos, et cetera. I got so frustrated that I wasn’t sure if the conversation should even continue. He was really trying to be supportive in the fact that I would love to do something with YouTube or blogging full-time and just be creative from the time I get up in the morning to the time I go to sleep. I would be happy doing that and he was determined to understand what all goes into it.

While the conversation never did come to a suitable end, we are making progress. From this conversation I was able to get him to understand some of the other points I have been trying to make for a while now. Baby steps are a good thing.

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