In Good Faith

I have always had religion in the back of my mind. I was raised in the church and enjoyed going with my grandmother and grandfather when I was younger. I participated in the choir, Sunday school, and other church activities throughout my childhood. As I got older I volunteered in the church – whatever church I was attending at the time – and enjoyed that. I’m not quite sure what exactly changed my mind on the entire church idea or when it happened. I just know that over the years my beliefs changes quite a few times, and quite frankly they are probably still changing.

I have researched multiple religions and they all come down to one thing in my opinion; money. You have mega churches where they take in billions and the pastors are living large while the congregation can barely put food on the table. But by god they are tithing each week. In some cases their last dollar for food. Now don’t get me wrong, not all churches are like that. Unfortunately most are that you see nowadays.

I have studied Wicca for years off and on and that is currently what I align myself with. No, I don’t curse people and I’m not the witch you see in the movies. I align myself with it because there is an emphasis on nature. The practices are very similar to what Native Americans believe.

So what are my personal beliefs?

I believe that there is a higher power, but there isn’t necessarily just one. I believe that all animals are sacred, and that you should kill only what you plan on eating. I believe that our ancestors are never really gone, and that they still come to visit on this plane. I believe that everyone has a responsibility to give their best to this world and take as little as they can. Leave it better than you found it. I believe that every human on this planet is born with a good heart and that it is this world that eventually determines who they are, good or bad. I believe in reincarnation. I believe in being a good human being, having a good heart, and being kind.

Blog Prompt: Describe a memory or encounter in which you considered your faith, religion, spirituality – or lack there of – for the first time.

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