The Natural World

I was looking at photos as I was organizing my blogging stuff and came across some backgrounds that I use in Scrivener. Seascapes, Fall, Beach, Sun and Sand, et cetera. I got lost in those photos, especially the ones that had to do with rain and forest scenes. That is when I realized that I live in the wrong damn place when it comes to the weather. Don’t get me wrong. Florence is home, but I do think that during the summer I need to be somewhere else that’s cooler.

This is the time of year that I often sit and wish that I was in Oregon or a similar state where the rain was plenty and the landscape consisted of something other than cacti and dirt. A place where I can wander with my iPad (since my writing/blogging apps are on it) and find a magical spot and just spend the morning or afternoon writing. Getting away from it all and just getting lost in the words and characters.

For those reading that don’t know me personally, I live in Arizona and this time of year it is freaking HOT! Like not just toasty, but like why does our society make us wear clothes kind of hot. I got in my truck today and the temp inside was 126 degrees.

Seriously!? I’m a native to Arizona and even I think that this is stupid hot. I am glad that it wasn’t the actual temperature outside though. That was about 105 degrees. We just started the summer months. It’s going to be a long ass summer.

Now do you see why I long for a place like Oregon with the rain?

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