Shape Up or Ship Out

Dear Indecisiveness,

It’s time you and I had a little heart to heart. For the last year you have been giving me a hell of a time when it comes to what I should and shouldn’t use for my blogging. You tell me to use one app and then you change your mind and tell me to use another. You tell me to use a certain social media scheduler and then you change your mind again and tell me to go back to what we were using before. It’s driving me nuts.

This letter is to inform you that I will no longer let you be in charge. I will be meeting with my heart and gut and the three of us will decide what is best from now on. You cause too much stress and discomfort. Your suggestions make me question what makes me happy, they stress me the fuck out. I will no longer take your word for something being “easier” and to not worry about the cost of the service. Now don’t get me wrong, you have had some good suggestions over the last year or so, but you have also suggested some services that I knew in my heart when I started to use them that they just weren’t right for me. I didn’t like the message behind them or I didn’t have the great experience that you said others were having with them.

From here on out I’m following my heart and gut when it comes to making decision that effect my livelihood. They haven’t steered me wrong yet. I’m not going to lie, I won’t miss you.

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