Karma Chameleon

Yes! Emphatically yes! Always have and always will believe in it. Anyone who knows me know that I truly believe that the dragonflies that come by the house every now and again are my grandparents and Neil’s father checking in on the family. I see them around all the time, and on many occasion have found baby ones just chilling in the house wanting to keep us company. It makes my heart happy to know that our loved ones are coming by to make sure that we are okay.

I would love to think that when I come back I would come back as something that my kids find remind them of me. What that may be is anyone’s guess. Though I would like to think that is something like a cute puppy. 😉

A skinnier version of myself would do too.

Do you believe in reincarnation? If you could chose what you came back as, what would you pick?

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