No Cheating!

No Cheating!

Ladies, WITHOUT prompting, ask your significant other these questions, and write exactly what they say:

What’s something I always say?
• Really?

What makes me happy?
• Your doggie

What makes me sad?
• Animal Cruelty

How tall am I?
• 5’5″

What’s my favorite thing to do?
• Look for software.

What’s my favorite thing to do when you’re not around?
• I don’t know, I’m not around. How the hell can I answer that question?

What makes you proud of me?
• The fact that you wrote your 110,000 words (he apparently wasn’t paying attention when I told him I had written 20,000 more 😉 )

What is my favorite food?
• You got so many different foods. I don’t know, Mexican?

Where is my favorite place to eat?
• You tell me, what’s your favorite place to eat. Where is your favorite place to eat?

Where is my favorite place to be?
• Home.

If I could go anywhere, where would it be?
• I don’t know. Where would you like to go so I could take you? Overseas?

Do you think you could live without me?
• Live without you? I would probably have to go on, but the question is; how happy would I be? You know, you always read about those things where someone dies and the other person dies right after? It depends on what the will to go on is after you die. I’d have to so I could take care of Layla.

What is my favorite movie?
• Donnie Darko.

How do I annoy you?
• I can’t nail it down to just one answer there. You yell at me when I snore. That’s annoying.

Who is my celebrity crush?
• Coco

Summarize me in one word?
• Smile (as he shoots me a fucking evil grin)

You get a phone call that I’m in trouble, who am I with?
• Rosy!

Well there you have it lol

#Stay Saucy,


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