Teachable Moment

My learning style varies depending on what the task is that I’m trying to learn. Things like c´┐╝oding, sewing, et cetera are things that I can teach myself generally by just reading or watching video tutorials. Something like welding or woodworking fall into the category of needing hands on experience with someone guiding me through what I need to do. I like learning at my own pace and taking my time, which is wonderful when it’s something that I can do on my own.

I have always had an interest in learning different things. I used to love grabbing some old Spanish textbooks my Papa had and trying to teach myself when I was younger. I would sit on the floor by the bookcase for hours trying to figure out what they said and if I could ultimately start speaking Spanish (I assumed fluently) just by reading them over and over again. I’m sorry to say that while the good intention was there, the skills were not and I still can’t speak Spanish.

How do you learn? Are you hands on? Need someone to teach you or walk you through it? I still have a kiddo in school and would love to hear any tips you might have for helping him learn new things in the comments.

#Stay Saucy,


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