Rolling Stone

If I could live a nomadic life and travel anywhere I would have to say I would grab the things I need to write, my husband, and my Layla (obviously I’m thinking that this isn’t going to happen until both the kids are out on their own), and we would take off for Italy. My ultimate dream would be to backpack around Italy while writing. Nothing to hold me back. Just my loves and the beautiful country.

My husband has family in San Giuseppe Vesuviano, Italy and being able to see them would make the trip even better. Ever since we’ve been together he has talked about his family in Italy and how he thinks they would love me and I would love them. Getting to meet them would be a wonderful experience for me and he hasn’t seen them since he was 12 years old.

If you are interested in seeing a live webcam of the beautiful church in the middle of town a link to the live web cam is below.

Live Web Cam Feed

I can picture myself there so vividly that I can smell the espresso, the fresh food, the flowers, and the animals on the small farms. I can hear the Italian being spoken and the giggles while they try to teach us phrases. Though the husband is Italian, he is not fluent so at least we’re on the same level when it comes to that.

I would love to start taking online Italian classes just in case this dream of my ever really does come true. (If anyone knows of a good — not too expensive — language learning program let me know in the comments)

So that is my nomadic dream. To travel, spend time with family, and write. Now to just get the hubs into retirement so he can go with me 😉

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