I can’t stand feeling helpless. It sucks. It freaks me out. It makes me feel ill until I’m back in control. This is the current situation in my house. Feeling helpless about things that are breaking in the house, and feeling helpless when I talk with my husband and know that I can’t fix it.

The water heater, the dead battery in our truck, not being able to fix these things myself is driving me batty. I am blessed to be able to stay at home and write, and when things like this happen I start to feel bad that I don’t have a super lucrative book deal or blog/vlog that is bringing in extra money. In short, I feel like an ass for not being able to financially contribute enough to the cause.

I know that it’s not rational. I know that my husband doesn’t care about things like this and that we will be able to get what we need done. That doesn’t make me feel any better.

All right, enough of the pity party. I have other posts to write tonight. Emails to get sent out.



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