If the entire Town of Florence, AZ was to read this post I would want them to know how proud I am of them as a town. The dedication and respect that is given to military and law enforcement here is amazing. The involvement from public officials is something I have never seen before when it comes to our youth. It’s refreshing to say the least. There are so many places that we have lived over the years and it just wasn’t “home“. It was a city and it was a place where we laid our heads down, but the true feeling of home was not there.

To me, home means that even when you aren’t around your actual family, you feel accepted and loved. This is what it has been like for me here in Florence. A place where my mother spent time when growing up (along with Eloy and Casa Grande) and a place that I hope my children come back to when they have families of their own. If not to live and contribute, at least to visit.

I love the small town vibe. I love that neighbors are truly neighbors, and not just someone you are living next to. I love that we have an old Main Street. I honestly love everything about it. I look forward to the future of Florence.

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