A Little Rant

Okay, so here’s the deal. Some of my favorite apps have changed from a one off payment with occasional upgrade costs to a subscription model. A few of them are apps that I use every single day.

So why does that warrant a rant? Well… I’ll tell you.

It’s not the subscription models that irritate me. It’s the people that think they shouldn’t have to pay developers for the time and hardwork that they put into a product. Seriously? Apps don’t make themselves and they cost a pretty penny to keep up. If a developer (especially on the Apple side of things) wants to stay relevant they have to put out updates at least with every major change in iOS/macOS ecosystems.

Someone on Twitter said it perfectly today (and I don’t remember who posted it – if you saw the tweet please let me know so I can give credit). Basically they said, if you expect to not have to pay for updates ever it’s like buying a car with a full tank of gas and then wondering why you have to put more in when you run the tank dry. We all know that gas doesn’t last forever. Neither do apps when they stay stagnant to appease the (m)asses.

Instead of spending time on social media berating the company/developers that have made the switch, why not try to be supportive and say thank you? Every post I have seen pissing and manning has been from someone that “uses the app all the time and would like to see this or that feature come to it”. Well, if you want the features implemented you’re gonna have to either pay for an upgrade with a major update or you can pay a minimal monthly cost (less than a large Starbucks) and get constant updates to a product you already “use every day”.

I’m all about saving money, but come on people. I’ll gladly give up a venti coffee to support an app I love.

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