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National Poetry Day 2017

When I was a pre-teen I wrote the poem I have shared below about my birth father. It was my first published work and to this day, that fact makes me smile. However, over the last two decades I have realized that my feelings towards that man have changed. While I would still like to know my birth father, and I have a ton of questions for him, I no longer feel the need to seek him out and “find that missing piece”. No longer do I think that my happiness will crumble without ever knowing him (or my birth mother for that matter)

I have grown into a pretty good woman without them thanks to my mother and father. As I told a little girl in Kindergarten, I was blessed enough to have two sets of parents. One set that brought me into this world, and one set that gave me the world. I couldn’t ask for anything more.


I’ve been told many things about you,

But I can’t believe they’re true,

Even though I haven’t met you,

I know every part of you.

I see you every time I look in the mirror,

We look alike you know

The saying “Daddy’s little girl,”

Applies more than you could know.

I’ve got your eyes, your nose, your mouth,

I’ve even got your smile.

And just knowing you’re a part of me,

Makes this search worth while.

I vowed someday I’d find you;

And to this I’ll be true.

You don’t know you’re my daddy,

And how I love you so.

But someday we’ll find each other,

Then you’ll know my love is true.

Copyright 1994

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