The Clothes That (May) Make the (Wo)man

I could care less about fashion and “trending styles”. To me clothes are required so you don’t get arrested when you are out in public. They are uncomfortable and expensive. But… In our society, it is frowned upon to not have them on when you are out in public.

A running joke between a friend and myself is “I’ll even put on pants”. You know that I like you if I get dressed when you come over lol.

Maybe it’s because I never go anywhere or maybe it’s because I like to be comfortable. Either way, if I have to get dressed I’m going to be comfortable. No more heels, no more dress slacks, no more anything that I have to lay down on the bed to get on.

I have declared war on “uncomfortable”. As far as I’m concerned you can have all the high fashion and business attire. Give me some cute leggings, a comfy shirt or t-shirt and no shoes. If I am forced to wear shoes I want Nike slides, running shoes or flip flops.

There is one exception to this war on fashion that I am personally waging, and that is vintage anything. I’m a bigger girl now, but used to love vintage shops when I was younger and smaller. Being able to find vintage clothing in my size (true vintage, not replica) is a feat. When I do find it I’ll buy it and wear it until my husband tells me he’s gonna burn it. The current bane of his existence is an orange number that makes his eye twitch (ask me how much I listen to his opinion of this outfit, go ahead).

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