Quick Tamale Pie

With four people and four different schedules, dinner can be interesting around my house. Lately my husbands schedule has been more of a rotating shift thing since there is some training going on. We are also dealing with only one vehicle at the moment (stupid radiator). This tends to make things a bit interesting when it comes to coordinating schedules to make it to the store. When I feel okay to go out, he is at work. When I don’t feel okay to go out, he is home and I have access to the truck.

Well, why don’t you just send him to the store then?

I don’t send him to the store because he comes back with things that aren’t on my list. 😉 I prefer to plan out the meals for the week and then take my time going down the aisles, comparing prices, couponing, and price matching. He does not like to do this and get super frustrated.

Sunday night’s dinner was one of those, “let’s see what we have in the house” type meals. Luckily, we had enough for something called Quick Tamale Pie, and I didn’t have to do a ton of shopping. I did run to the store to get soda and a few other things that I needed to get, but I didn’t have to do any major shopping.

Now, up until recently I used an app on my Mac called Cook’n. (I technically still use it, but I’m in the process of moving all my recipes over to Evernote) Cook’n is an amazing program with a subscription service and I highly recommend it. The only reason I say “used” is because we are going down to the basics to see where our money is going every month and quite frankly it’s not an essential item, so we are going to take a break from it for a little bit. The Tamale Pie is a recipe that I found in one of the cookbooks I received with my monthly subscription.

Okay, so on to the food…

It was super simple to make and everyone in the house liked it, except for my youngest. (He has a very limited diet so that doesn’t count).

The featured image of this post it NOT a picture of what I made lol.

I’m a good cook, but presentation is just not my thing unless it’s something that’s a baked good. I’m also horrible at remembering to take a picture of regular food before I dish it out. So the below picture is of my plate. (YES, there is a gap between the food on my plate. I don’t like my food to touch).

You can find the Evernote note with the recipe below.



  1. The recipe calls for one box of cornbread mix, which will work. If you have two handy that is the route I would go. The cornbread mix is used as a topper/crust and if I had used two it would have been a bit thicker and there would have been more to go around.
  2. I used regular corn and not creamed corn because hubs doesn’t care for creamed corn. It turned out fine, but if your family likes creamed corn I would use that.
  3. I used black olives. The recipe doesn’t specify.
  4. I added green chili’s for some extra spice. Glad I did. We like our food spicy. If you don’t then don’t add them.

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