Character Crushes

If I had to choose five fictional characters to fall in love with (such a burden, I know) they would be the ones listed below. The reasons why are there as well.

  • Wade Garrett (Roadhouse)

    I don’t know how this one needs any explanation. Sam Elliott is hot in his own right. Putting him in the role of Wade just seals the deal. There will always be something about a good looking man fighting that is a turn on for me.

  • Negan (The Walking Dead)

    Great as a comic book character, and even better as real flesh and blood. Again, something about the badass, “don’t fuck with me” is just hot. Maybe it’s the fact that in the “end of times” I would want to be on the side of someone who doesn’t take shit but knows how to give it or maybe I just have a sick sense of what’s sexy. Either way, Negan makes number two on the character crush list.

  • Frank Castle (The Punisher – the original not the remake)

    Dolph Lundgren has that mysterious look to him. Pair that with the bike and the “punishment” that his character Frank Castle is carrying out just does it for me.

Oh lord, I’m starting to see a pattern here. Should I be concerned?

  • Eric (The Crow)

    Eric was my first character crush. I was 13-years-old when the movie came out and I probably watched it 13 times in a row. To this day, the sadness and passion the character portrays as well as the justice he is after is moving. It was and always will be a “I want someone to love me that much” type of crush.

Last but not least…

  • Luke Hobbs (Fast and Furious Franchise)

    Those who know me personally know why this one is on the list. Those who know my husbands build know why this one is on the list. Anyone with a pulse should know why this one is on the list.

Unrelated side note: Dwayne Johnson and I have the same birthday.❤️

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