Higher Power

I was raised in the church. Not extremely religious, but I did usually go to church with my family and my mom did end up teaching summer programs every now and again. So yes, I do believe there is a higher power. God if you will. But over the years I have become skeptical of the organized religion in the U.S. The hypocrisy that I have experienced through the years killed it for me. But none more so than when my grandmother died. Her death broke my heart and the response from her church broke my belief in the “good of the church” permanently.

My grandmother was a true believer. She loved God and she loved her church. She was a subscriber to the whole Crystal Cathedral Eagles Club. She rarely missed a service on Sunday at Spirit of Hope United Methodist church. She was a member of the Order of the Eastern Star and knew her Bible from cover to cover. You think that being a contributing member to Spirit of Hope for so many years, they would have given a shit when the passed. Nada, nothing – well I can’t say that for absolute certain because quite honestly I have blocked it out. But… from what I can remember, if the pastor came by it was once, and more than likely my mother had to call them and tell them to. That is the heartbreaking part to me.

So many people say, “I’m a Christian”. They seem to throw it out there without realizing the damage it does when their actions don’t match the typical view of Christianity. Now I’m not talking about all Christians. I’m talking about those who wear it as a title. Those who say they are Christian, but do not act like it. Those who use the church and religion to punish people. That’s who I’m talking about.

Someone needs to tell them that actions speak volumes. I would be much more inclined to listen to what “Christian’s” have to say if they also had actions that fell in line with what they were trying to teach me.

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