Memories of Holidays Past

With the holiday season upon us, it has me reflecting on past holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas have always been holidays that we celebrate in my family. Back when my grandparents were still with us, my grandmother would start shopping for Christmas presents soon after Christmas was over and by January she would have everything for the following year purchased, wrapped, and hidden. I always thought she was crazy to get everything so organized, but now I see the method to her madness and quite frankly every year I say I’m going to do the same thing and every year I don’t. (I’m sure that I’ll be telling myself the same thing in January of this year – just like I did last year around that time).

Thanksgiving is when we would pull out the “special” dinnerware that has the fall leaves on it and gather together to eat and spend time with each other. (We still do that, but in the last decade or so, it has been a different menu. Not traditional, but sometimes Mexican food, sometimes steak, et cetera.) I’m totally fine with that, but sometimes I miss the traditional aspect of the Thanksgiving dinner. When I started this post we hadn’t decided, but this year we ended up doing a traditional meal and had an amazing time! I didn’t realize how much I missed that until we did it again.

Though we had a great Thanksgiving, I think that we are all a bit tired. Drained with what the world is going through. My mother and I especially seem to feel it the most in our family. So many things have happened this year inside and outside of our family circle. A small gathering and just hanging out is what we needed. Now to move on to planning Christmas.

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