Moment of kindess

A while back my youngest and I were at Starbucks inline to order our drinks and he was having a meltdown. (Those close to me know the meltdowns well) I was frustrated and flustered, trying to figure out what it was that he was going on about and trying to figure out what we wanted. I got him to calm down long enough to order and when it was time to pay the cashier told me that our drinks had been paid for by the customer in front of us that had just left. They then told me that they had asked them to tell me that they understood and to relax and enjoy my coffee.

That meant the world to me.

To have someone that I didn’t know understand what I was going through and take their time and money to help me find a moment to not stress was amazing, and it made my heart melt. I never did get to say thank you in person as they had already left by the time I got outside to see if they were around, but on the off chance that they are reading this – THANK YOU!

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