Christmas Decorations Make Me…

Christmas decorations make me smile, cry, frustrate me, and remind me of times gone by. I love them. They make me think of when I was little and we used to decorate for the holidays. At the same time, they frustrate the hell out of me. Not other people’s, mine or lack thereof. Every year we say we are going to go big or go home. Every year… nada.

When we lived in New River I understood why the hubs didn’t want to put them up. We lived in the middle of nowhere (not really but it kind of seemed like it when you thought about who would see what you did during the holidays). Now that we live in a planned community I would love to put lots of decorations up every year for every holiday. I think I may be the only one in the house that would like to do it. That kind of bums me out.

Now, this year I did get the tree up on December 1. It took some arguing and nagging, but it’s up. Not decorated, but it’s up. The plan is to decorate it this weekend. I’m hoping that we meet that goal. Today was a long day and a wash when came to even pulling the decorations out of the garage. Tomorrow I am taking my youngest to a Christmas event in Coolidge (we’re hoping that it might double as extra credit for his Art class in school). It should be a fun time. The event is being held at the Artisan Village in Coolidge, Arizona.

As many times as I’ve been to Coolidge growing up and now in my adulthood, I have never been to the village that I can remember. Not gonna lie, I wish it started at 2pm instead of ending at 2pm. I am not a morning person and neither is my son. Fingers crossed that we make it.

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